Privacy Policy

This document details the information we collect from you as a user and how we maintain it.

Information We Collect

When you use our services, there is information which you either provide us with, or we collect as you use our services. 

  • We rely on phone-based authentication, hence you will have to provide to us your phone number. 

  • Mobile device information. This includes the operating system version.

  • Your iChant application version.

  • Photos (of chants) you share with others.

  • Log information: the actions you performed, timestamps of those actions, IP address.

This information is used as follows:

  • Verify your identity to ensure your information, such as photos are securely managed on our servers.

  • Enhance and extend the features.

  • Monitor and analyze how you use the services.

  • Troubleshoot our server-side application.

Additionally, some information is stored locally on your mobile devices, such as your login info. This is done for easy access to avoid network costs, as well as for enhanced user experience. 

Information Sharing

Due to the nature of the service, certain information is expected to be shared:

  • Photos of chants. These are shared between users in a private manner. Only users to whom photos are destined are expected to view them - no one else will.

How Long We Keep Your Content

The photos you produce for sharing or receive from other users are stored indefinitely on our servers.

The rest of the information, such as your profile details, certain preferences, etc. are also stored on our servers indefinitely in order to continue to provide you with the functionality you expect.

In terms of logs and other auxiliary information we use to troubleshoot our systems, these are kept around for a limited amount of time, due to their volumes.Usually 2 years, before being archived.